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                • Appearance


                Chemical name】methyl-3-4[4-(4-trifluoromethylthio Benzene oxygen)-m-cresyl]-1,3,5-triazinetriadimefon

                Standard】Enterprise Standard

                Purpose】Anticocksidial drugs. Can kill piling. gentle. Poisons. tender Eimeria coccidian and turkey gland shape coccidian. turkey Eimeria coccidian. turkey little Eimeria coccidian.Mainly uses in coccidian schiahgony and gametogonia.

                Dosage】Birds and beasts: 25ppm drink water, Namely 1ml 2.5% Solution exchange water 1000ml, blending, drink two days.

                Pig: 20mg/per Kg body weight , 3-6 days of age (on 5th is the best), One time will do.

                Example: Body weight is 2.5Kg newborn pig, Takes 2.5ml 2.5% solution , Adds water 2ml to blending, drench at a time.


                1. The latest synthetic anticoccidial drugs. Does not have the drug resistance. Maybe used in exporting the pouitry.

                2. Canpreuention and kill all sorts of coccidian (including resistantcoccidian). The best medicine for.

                3. Effectivly smashes the coccidians, two days will do.

                4. Can mix with any medicine. Does not affect medicine effect .Ten times dosage does not have any adverse effect. The safty high.

                5. Can remarkably reduces the mortality rate, Restores normally.


                1. If it contaminates eye or skin, please promptly flush with water.

                2. Must be used within use up in 48 hours after dilution.

                 【With drawal times】8 day


                【Store】In a tightly closed, light-resistant container

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